Setting The Standard

Kingpin cooling is recognized as a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of extreme pc cooling hardware and an innovating force in the extreme overclocking and benchmarking world. It is our ongoing dedication and commitment to achieving the highest levels of performance, quality, and ease of use that make Kingpin cooling the trusted choice for overclockers and industry professionals across the globe.



"Best investment in a PC component for me, the F1 and Tek 9s are" — Hardware Master Peter "SHAMINO" Tan, Singapore

"They are a MUST HAVE..." — Overclocking legend George "Hipro5" Theologou, Athens Greece

"The KPC Venom cpu pot is really insane for reaching maximum coldest loaded temperatures" — Russia

"The Tek graphic card pots offer the optimal control for any graphic card..." — Marcus "Kinc" Hultin, Stockholm Sweden

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