What the pros are saying

Some of the most well known names in the game have used our cooling. What do they have to say about it?
Hardware Master Peter "SHAMINO" Tan, Singapore

"Used to think a pot is just a pot, bad one just needs a bit more effort. Saw the errors of my thinking, MUCH MORE productivity for any bench session, you spend thrice lesser time, effort, LN2 to get better scores - best investment in a PC component for me, the F1 and Tek 9s are!"

OClab.ru Russia

"The KPC Venom cpu pot is really insane for reaching maximum coldest loaded temperatures on INTEL Ivybrige cpu's, where every degree counts. Its the best cpu LN2 pot we have ever used"

Overclocking legend George "Hipro5" Theologou, Athens Greece

My first VGA LN2 pots were the Tek-9s V. They were with full mass of copper.
Though they needed a lot of LN2 to cool down, when I reached the willing temperature, they were THERE in the whole bench ONLY with a few drops of LN2 more.
My second VGA LN2 pots V 3.0
Actually they weren't mine but gprhellas' BUT I worked with them most... :p
They were HUGE. The willing temperature was reached much faster on those, because they consisted of half copper and half with aluminum.
Temperatures?...ROCK SOLID...and I mean -104*C (for example) +/- 2*C MAX during bench... They were much easier to cool down and to warm up.
I'm STILL using ALL of them in my single and my dual VGAs... They are " A MUST HAVE"...

Marcus "Kinc" Hultin, Stockholm Sweden "The reason why I always turn to Kingpin for nitrogen-pots is that everything about the pots are flawless in every aspect, the fit, the mounting and insulation. The F1 Extreme is the single piece of equipment in my overclocking toolbox that I value the most, it simply is second to none.This CPU-pot really turned things around and made it possible to have full control over the CPU in the quad-core era. Also, the Tek graphic card pots offer the optimal control for any graphic card, the perfect balance between size and mass"