Installing a K-type temperature probe on the Tek-9 GPU unit













Locate the center on the side of the button on the gpu unit (marked in red in diagram1). Using a 1/16th or similar sized drill bit matched to diameter of the beaded end of your temperature probe, make a small hole deep enough for the entire bead of the probe to fit in nicely. Temperature probes can vary alot in size, so the size of the hole for the probe should match it as closely as possible for a nice snug fit with a little thermal grease or thermal adhesive for a more permanent solution. Using some sort of lubricant or oil when drilling out the copper and clearing out copper shavings as you go will keep the bit from binding up and breaking every time.

Once the hole is drilled and the probe is inserted and glued or siliconed in to remove any air space where water or ice can accumulate, it's time to secure the line and insulate the unit. Run the line from the probe up the side of the unit and secure it down with some vinyl or rubber flexible tape. The more weather resistant the better. Secure it down nicely so you can insulate over it without disturbing it's positioning. Using insulation tape or wrap, cover the unit with a layer or two and your ready to bench. The front side gpu brackets have a notch in them to accommadate the temp probe, and this dictates it positioning on the unit. The bracket mounting system on the tek9 is designed so that the temperature probe will never get disturbed once installed during bracket changes.