Tek-9 Slim Rev 7.0

The TEK-9 7.0 SLIM is the latest slim revision of the Tek series GPU extreme cooling units for both liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Tuned for excellent cooling performance in a small slim container. Under heavy load, these highly capable slim units can handle even the hottest running graphics cards quite well, creating stable overclocking temperatures. Validated in our lab to handle GTX580 gpus at 1.5v and 1450mhz+. Multiple units can fit just about any graphics hardware configuration including single spaced SLI and Xfire, triple SLI and Xfire ,and Quad SLI and Xfire. Kit includes one TEK-9 7.0 gpu unit with nickel plated solid copper design base and anodized aluminum top, 4 brackets (3 front and one backside for gtx295), all required mounting hardware including thumbnuts and screws. Calculated shipping prices are based on single units. If more than one unit is needed, you may want to contact us for an accurate more efficient shipping quotation to complete your order via email at vince@kingpincooling.com

Item #13

Price: $199.00 USD