Tek-9 Slim 5.0 mounting guide for dual pcb gpu(gtx295)

This mounting guide assumes that the temperature probe install and insulation are already finished on the unit as described here, and it is ready to bench. Open up and remove the stock heatsink from the card and locate the gtx285/295 bracket and Tek 5.0 backside bracket + 4 12mm screws, 8 4mm screws, 4 5mm screws, and 4 thumbscrews as seen in diagram 1.1. Areas marked in red are where heatsinks need to be applied to the card to cool these chips and small components which can get very hot and cause instability if not cooled properly. When you remove the stock cooler and mount the Tek gpu unit, these areas are no longer cooled and need to be sinked.

In diagram 1.2, you can see the areas marked in green which need to be considered for pcb subzero preperation. Either use some form of dielectric grease, conformal coat, dry eraser, and/or foam stick-on gaskets for this area to protect it from condensation. BOTH sides of each pcb should be treated in green area.










There are actually two ways to mount the front side bracket on the Tek units, the following is the first. Install the 12mm screws through the backside of the bracket BEFORE you mount it to the unit. Now screw it down to the tek using the 4mm screws supplied in the kit (2).


















   Now mount the backside bracket on the Tek with the other 4mm mounting screws(3).


















Slide the unit through the front pcb first and don't screw on the 4 thumb screws yet. Fold up the back pcb of the card and screw that one down first to the unit using the 5mm mounting screws going through the back of the card into the gpu unit brackets shown in diagrams 4 and 5.



























Now flip it over and tighten the thumb screws down as evenly as possible. Go diagonally when tightening two nuts down at a time evenly with same amount of turns and it's benching time :).