Installing and using a K-type temperature probe for the F1

Monitoring base temperatures accurately on pots while benching with liquid nitrogen is critical to your success as a bencher, particularly when working with cold bugged cpus and gpus that need be run at or above specific temperatures to remain operational. Installing a temperature probe into a cpu or gpu pot is very easy to do. All you need is a drill, 1/16th or similar sized drill bit (ideally matched to your probe size), some lubricating oil or coolant, thermal adhesive, and some flexible weather resistant tape.

First, mark off where you are going to put the probe before you drill. You want to get it as close to the base of the pot as possible. The spot marked off in diagram 1 is an ideal location.

 Before you start drilling the hole, tap the spot with a sharp hard object no larger than the size of the marked hole. if you don't do this before you drill it out, the bit will wander all over the place as you try to get the hole started. The path of the hole that you drill should be as close to parallel as possible with the bottom of the container. In other words, don't drill directly perpendicular from the 45 degree angled base of the pot, but closer to the flat bottom base of the pot. The hole depth only needs to be deep enough so that the entire bead of the probe can fit nicely into the hole. 3mm or so is fine for hole depth. Be sure to use some form of lubrication or oil to ensure the bit does not get bound up and break off in your pot. Copper is a very soft material, and this is quite easy to do if your not careful. Using some oil or lube while drilling out the hole and cleaning the copper shavings out as you go can prevent breakage from happening.

Once the whole is drilled and cleaned out, time to install temp probe. Secure it with some tape to keep it from moving and glue the probe in with some thermal adhesive. Adhesive is not necessary and just regular thermal silicone can be used for a less permanent solution if you plan to re-use the probe again in another pot.