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Old 04-16-2012, 04:52 PM
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Default Need Help - someone tried to destroy a Sapphire HD4890 Vapor-X 1GB

yeah, im pretty new to this forum, but i think dis is the best place to get some serious problems solved.

at first, i got a sapphire hd4890 vapor-x from ebay, i knew it had some serious damages on the "vram-zone". this guy thought it would be nice to rip a few ceramic caps off the pcb including the traces (some vias too).

it took about 4 hours to mostly fix his "great-job". (i painted some traces on a paper). this soldered part, i think its about okey. its not pretty well, but at first i wanted to get the card back to life. doesnt matter how it looks like.

after a while, i found out, he scatched off another smd-part. its (im about 99.999999% sure) a resistor. on the pcb its called MR33 (master resistor? wired). so i dont knew the value, i desoldered the other resistor on the mainly equal side. his value was around 9ohm. im not getting it, why dis is soo low. it looks too me like somekinde of feedback but its kinda damn low.


so i put some vr's on the board and tuned em down to around 10ohm. the typical red-error-led (it should say, "your supply is crap, get a better one") disappeared after dis step. the card is working, in a strange way, i messured some 1.33volts and sum 1.68volts and kinda freaky 1.78volts.

if i remember correctly, the 1.68volts i messured on the backside of the card. behinde the i/o-panel is another 2 phases for memory. the other voltages is found on the cokes of the main vrm-part. this big vrm-part is powering the gpu and the memory-i/o. and i think, even 1.78volts are way too much power, dosnt matter if it supplies memory-i/o or the gpu.

the card gets rly hot in a short period (not burning hot) and im not getting any outputsignal. so can someone measure the resistor labeled as RM33.

im happy if someone could give any advice

i got the parts from some dead hardware like 9600gt's and a un-socketed asus commando. there is also a gtx295, hd4850 and a few 8800 gts/gtx i could use for some soldering-fun.

(btw, if someone has a bundle of controller-datasheets, give it to me baby , especially some nda'ed once) ah, yez my natur language is not english, so ecause me if i wrote something wrong. (or didnt get it xD)

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Old 04-18-2012, 02:38 AM
Beef Supreme Beef Supreme is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
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