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Old 11-14-2011, 03:15 AM
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Default 4Way SLI with Asus X79 Rampage IV Extreme and 1650 core 3D11 single card !

Lots poeple expect X79 SB-E will replace SB and Gulftown on each benchmark.

After few months , I am dispointted about the margin of SB-E.

Average cpu clock is around 5.2xG ~ 5.4xG Mhz.

Memory controller has lots difference under air cooling.

If u want to do Extreme benching under Ln2 , also have to check the ability of memory controller under cold.

Chip will have CB and CBB issue with higher memory clock or timing . Some chips dont boot under cold even it can do 2500 memory on air cooing.

The chips binning of SB-E becomes a combination game.

With limited cpu speed , 3D11 and vantage are the only benchmark to do . PT and combine score are so high .

Let's see what it can do.

CPU : 3960X
MB : ASUS X79 Rampage IV Extreme
PSU : ANTEC HCP 1200 watts
VGA : MSI GTX580 Lightning & ASUS GTX580 Matrix
HDD : Kingston HyperX 240GB & Adata S599 128GB
RAM : GEIL Corsa 2400 CL9 2GBx4
POT : Kingpin F1 CPU + FAT Gpu pot

Single card result with MSI GTX580 Lightning .

This is good card , but has performance bug low issue. But it can clock high .

3Dmark11 , 1650core and 2650memory . over 13k finally... P13144

Vantage , 1595core and 2600 memory . P48002

5.52g CPU test score is same as 6.4g gulftown . So the performance on X79 is so good . Also easy to bench.

Now , 4way is really tough benching . Need lots benching process .

And the humidity is so high in Taiwan . The mist and fog is everywhere .

I do 4-way benching with Shamino and Andre Yang. We really have "good time" there

Especially one time we had big score . When we want to save it , then whole system reboot.

We tried our best to do already . Hopes we can find other good cards to bench.

3Dmark11 P27928

3Dmark11 E32331

3Dmark11 X12264

It is just beginning of X79 , let's push the score now !!

Benching season again in the next few months .

Cheers !

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