Overclocking legend George "Hipro5" Theologou, Athens Greece

They are a MUST HAVE...

My first VGA LN2 pots were the Tek-9s V. They were with full mass of copper.
Though they needed a lot of LN2 to cool down, when I reached the willing temperature, they were THERE in the whole bench ONLY with a few drops of LN2 more.
My second VGA LN2 pots V 3.0
Actually they weren't mine but gprhellas' BUT I worked with them most... :p
They were HUGE. The willing temperature was reached much faster on those, because they consisted of half copper and half with aluminum.
Temperatures?...ROCK SOLID...and I mean -104*C (for example) +/- 2*C MAX during bench... They were much easier to cool down and to warm up.
I'm STILL using ALL of them in my single and my dual VGAs... They are " A MUST HAVE"...